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Entrance/info point

Your festival experience begins at the entrance when you arrive and check in. The Info Point and its staff are there for you throughout your stay if you have any questions or concerns. There is also medical assistance available here if an accident should occur.


Navet is the heart of the festival, the central gathering place where most of the events in the program take place! Here you'll find food trucks, the stage, seating areas for socializing, and more. It's the prime location to experience the festival's energy and community.

Accommodation villages

Friden, Oasen, Gläntan, Idyllen, Harmonin, and Lyckan are the names of the six accommodation villages that you, as a festival participant, can choose from when purchasing tickets. Each village has its own special characteristics. The Tent Village is also available specifically for those who don't have a tent yet but want to stay overnight and be inspired around the clock at the festival, not just as day visitors.

Friden is located farthest away from the hustle and bustle. Here, you're embraced by the tranquility of nature, perfect for those seeking peace away from the hectic atmosphere towards the evening. It's peace and joy around the clock.

Oasen offers a perfect balance between proximity and seclusion. Here, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the forest while still being close enough to enjoy the festivities at Navet. Oasen is lagom as we say in swedish, just right.

Gläntan is the village surrounded by lush trees, providing a feeling of seclusion and closeness to nature that's hard to resist.

Idyllen is the ideal place for those who want a close connection to Navet and enjoy the neighborhood with other villages.

Harmonin welcomes those who want to experience the pulse of the festival but also want to explore the surrounding area during the day. Located near the entrance, it's easy to embark on more adventures.

Lyckan is perfect for those who love being in the midst of the action and appreciate the proximity to all the entertainment that Navet has to offer.

Tree of dreams

At the festival grounds grows the Dream Tree, a place dedicated to reflection and contemplation. Here, you can let your thoughts wander freely and dream about the future. Whether they're big ambitions or small wishes, the Dream Tree is a place where you can share your dreams and aspirations with other festival participants. It's a place where visions meet and grow, and where community is nourished through shared dreams.

Hammock forest

Do you want to get away from all the noise and just chill for a while? Then the Hammock Forest is the place for you! Between the trees, there are several hammocks intended for relaxation. So, sit back, gently swayed by the wind, and enjoy a peaceful break.

Forest cinema

This is where you should go if you're a film enthusiast! In this cozy forest grove, movies are shown in true vanlife style in the evenings. Here, you can enjoy a unique experience under the starry sky between the treetops.

Disco grove

Are you a pro on the dance floor or just love to let loose and dance freely? Welcome to the Disco Grove! All forms of dance are encouraged here to the beat of groovy music and good vibes!

Toilets and water

There are five different points on the festival grounds where you have access to toilets and drinking water. This is to make your experience as comfortable as possible. At each point, you can of course refill your water supply at no extra cost.

Recycling station

We are proud to care for the environment and keep the festival grounds clean and tidy. Sorting waste doesn't have to be boring - on the contrary! Colorful trash bins are placed throughout the entire festival area for combustible waste. But it's at the recycling station where the real magic happens!

At the recycling station, you can follow the colorful signage and sort your waste in a correct and fun way. Here, you separate different materials to ensure they are recycled in the best possible way. Let's make a difference together and make the festival an even more meaningful and sustainable experience for everyone involved.

Visitor parking

If you're only planning to attend the festival during the day, we kindly ask you to park at the visitor parking. Overnight stays are not permitted here, only parking during daytime between 09:00 - 22:00 (9 am - 10 pm). We thank you for your understanding and cooperation to make the festival experience as smooth as possible for everyone!

Assembly point

If anything should happen that requires the evacuation of the festival area, all festival participants will be alerted to this. We urge everyone to be vigilant and follow the instructions from festival staff. Make sure you know where the assembly point is. Together, we can ensure a safe and secure festival experience for all participants.