Vanlife Sverige

Vanlife Sverige is a podcast, a book and a community, for those who live or dream about living vanlife. The founders of Vanlife Sverige are Isabel and Carl Waite. What started as a hope of meeting like-minded people has now grown into a popular community with 24 000 members on Facebook, 11 000 followers on Instagram and between 8000-11 000 podcast listeners per month.

The partnership with Vanlife Sverige serves both marketing and expertise objectives.

Kristianstads kommun

The festival in 2024 will be hosted in Kristianstads kommun (municipality), specifically at the municipality's event fields in Norra Åsum. This event area sets the stage for an incredible gathering, offering a space in nature that is suitable to host a vanlife festival. With its scenic surroundings, it will be an ideal setting for a memorable festival experience.

The partnership with Kristianstads kommun serves a marketing objective.