The lifestyle

Customized vans serve as compact living spaces, often equipped with only essential amenities. The movement reflects a desire for flexibility, self-sufficiency and a break from traditional norms, gaining popularity through social media's portrayal of adventurous journeys and creative van conversions.


According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, an average Swede emits 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents per year. Generally speaking, vanlife can be a more environmentally friendly lifestyle compared to traditional forms of living. Thanks to vanlife, sustainability does not have to stay being only a word, it can be a real lifestyle.

Vanlife in Sweden

In Sweden, you can chase the Northern Lights, traverse the scenic Arctic Circle or simply park by a tranquil lakesidet. The vast and diverse nature in Sweden provides a playground for vanlifers, offering the opportunity to explore serene lakes, dense forests and picturesque coastal areas.

Vanlife is a lifestyle centered around living and traveling in a converted van. It's a minimalist and nomadic approach, providing individuals with the freedom to explore diverse landscapes, connect with nature and embrace a simpler way of life.