The very first vanlife festival in Skåne, Sweden!

Out n' About is a three-day festival aimed at bringing together vanlife enthusiasts from Sweden and gladly also from Europe. By providing a creative space for the exchange of knowledge and connections, the festival seeks to create a unique experience that inspires a more sustainable and minimalist lifestyle. Out n' About is not just a festival, it is a journey where every encounter is an opportunity and each participant is encouraged to embrace the adventure of vanlife!

A festival for whom?

Festival attendees include vanlife enthusiasts of all shapes and situations. It could be the single freedom lover who lives life on wheels to the fullest or the couple who embraces vanlife part-time and goes on road trips every now and then. It could also be the curious newcomer who dreams of one day transforming a van of its own.

Why the town Kristianstad?

In our eyes, Kristianstad is a great destination for the festival due to the event area in Norra Åsum where vehicles are allowed to drive. Kristianstad's vision of growth, innovation, and well-being also reflects the fundamental idea of the festival. Kristianstad is situated at a good distance to other regions and countries, plus, the city refers to its inhabitants as freedom lovers.


Imagine a vibrant atmosphere pulsating with energy. A kaleidoscope of colors, lights, and artsy surroundings creating an immersive experience. Discover a diverse range of workshops and talks on van conversions, sustainable living, off-grid solutions, travel adventures and so much more. Welcome to join the festival that celebrates and gets you inspired by vanlife in all its ways!

This is how we envision the festival...

And this is how we want to make you feel...