For those who live or long for life on wheels!

Out n' About: the vanlife festival seeks to create a unique experience that encourages a more sustainable and minimalist lifestyle. Out n' About is not just a festival, it's a journey where every encounter is an opportunity and each participant is inspired to embrace the adventure of vanlife!

- a minimalist and flexible lifestyle with a focus on adventure, freedom and closeness to nature.

The festival will entail workshops, exhibitors, seminars och panels, food and beverage, music, dance and other community based activities and experiences! Soon you will be able to check out the festival programme HERE! New activities will be added as time goes.

The festival goes on for three days and offers tickets for one day as well as three days. You can soon find out more about each ticket HERE and what is included! Secure your ticket as soon as the sale opens up!

Who stand behind the festival?

Emilia, Linn, Isa, Lina and Alma. Five graduated event coordinators and vanlife enthusiasts!

Read more HERE about us who founded Out n' About, the first vanlife-festival in Skåne.