What and where is Skåne?

Skåne, in southern Sweden, is a captivating region blending scenic beauty with rich history. With rolling hills, cobblestone streets, a picturesque coastline and vibrant cities like Malmö, that is close to Copenhagen. Known for its agriculture, Skåne produces top-notch food and beverages. Skåne offers a diverse experience and strikes a unique balance between nature, history and innovation, making it a delightful destination for exploration.

The right of public access – a unique opportunity

Finding locations where you can free camp with your van can be tricky when you are not previously familiar with an area. Luckily, in Sweden, we have "allemansrätten", a principle protected by the law. Literally, it translates to "The all mans right", but it's easier described as the Right of Public Access.

The Right of Public Access allows everyone in Sweden to roam free in nature and camp on uncultivated land for a short period of time. It's a unique right, but with this right comes responsibilities! General guidelines to follow is to don't disturb and don't destroy, and leave no trace. Keep these words in mind when exploring the nature in Skåne and the rest of Sweden. As rules may vary depending on the time of year, etc, it's crucial to check the latest regulations for specific locations.

Read more about the Right of Public Access here.

Free camping locations

We are currently working to list a bunch of free camping locations below where you can stay during your visit in Skåne! Remember to ensure the latest regulations and check the signs at the specific location.